Being old fashioned I have spent my entire life with leather slings like your father and grand father used. I used them for everything from hunting and target practice to competitive shooting. As an open minded old guy I decided it was time to catch up with the times and see whats hot in slings for the M4, AR-15 type weapon. First thind I did was head to Brownells to get an idea of whats available. From there I started researching what's most popular and also posed the question on a few of my forums. Below is a list of the unanimous leaders in the field of tactical slings. As of the time of writing this page I have not tested ANY of these slings but in the very near future I do plan on getting one each of most of the models to test. The results will follow.

Note: Slings are mission specific. Select the type for how your weapon will be used.

MAGPUL MS2 - Multi Mission Sling System

Driven by the operational experience of Magpul DynamicsSM instructors, the MAGPUL MS2 Multi-Mission Sling System was designed to give a versatile weapon-retention solution for a multitude of tactical environments and missions. As a standalone product, the rapidly-convertible MS2 allows an operator to leverage the maneuverability of Single-Point® attachment for direct-action, or two-point attachment for stability. Single-hand adjustments, quick-detach lanyard and positive-locking metal hardware provide flexibility and durability in a truly adaptable sling system.

Used in conjunction with the Magpul ASAP® plate (sold separately), the MS2 enables seamless transitions into an array of shooting positions without getting bound or fouled. The MS2 concept allows switching from Weapon Shoulder to Reaction Shoulder for shooting around corners, under vehicles, or to minimize exposure. The MS2 can also increase operator survivability by keeping the weapon in the fight in case of injury to the operator's shoulder, arm, or hand.





VTAC SLING - the Viking Tactics Sling's revolutionary design has made it a favorite of the Special Forces community. Created for a collapsible stock (AR-15 type rifles), the Viking Tactics Sling is quick, versatile, dynamic, and most importantly, simple.

We at Viking Tactics, Inc. understand the importance of flexibility and this product truly delivers in this aspect. The VTAC Sling is instantly adjustable, allowing you to adjust shooting positions with ease. You can easily move from strong side shoulder to weak side shoulder or secure your carbine during handgun transition.

Unlike other slings on the market, the Viking Tactics Sling isn't just a carrying strap. Its full range of adjustability will enhance retention for when you need your hands free. It is also one of the only tactical slings that can be used as an adjustable shooting sling. To address the needs of a wide variety of customers, VTAC provides several different attachment options to help you to choose the best attachment for your situation. Choose the VTAC Sling!

Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling The Viking Tactics Padded Sling was designed with the same great features as the original Viking Tactics Sling, but with added comfort for carrying heavier firearms.

Designed with the shooter and soldier in mind, the Viking Tactics Padded Sling is made with a shoulder strap with closed cell foam. The forward adjustable portion of the sling remains the same as the original sling, giving you quick and easy adjustments from any position.


VICKERS COMBAT APPLICATIONS SLING - Two-point design with front quick adjustment strap lets the operator change sling length without creating loose ends that can tangle with other gear. Allows for a variety of carry and shooting positions based on required tactical response. Fits M4 carbines with side sling swivels with 1¼" wide loop. Vickers is composed of two, separate sections of Cordura® nylon webbing; 17" forearm end, including quick adjustment loop, and 30" rear buttstock end; joined together with a high strength steel channel. Separate 10" removable, modular quick-release on the buttstock end allows for fast exit from sling and weapon in emergency situations. Can be used with or without modular release feature. Features machined aluminum front buckle, steel mid-section connector and polymer buckles. Vickers Padded and Vickers Padded Carbine are the same basic design as the Vickers with the addition of an extra wide shoulder strap with foam core padding for comfortable, all day carry without pinching or binding. Modular quick release not included. Composed of two, separate sections of Cordura® nylon webbing; forearm end, including quick adjustment loop, and rear buttstock end with shoulder pad. Carbine model is slightly longer. Victory is composed of two, separate sections of filament nylon webbing; 16" forearm end, including quick adjustment loop, and 28" rear buttstock end; joined together with a high strength steel channel. Modular quick-release not included. Advanced polymer non-slip adjustment buckles are resistant to solvents.




BLACKHAWK STORM SINGLE POINT SLING 70GS12BK - Here's the perfect sling for use in CQB. Allows easy movement and still allows you to guide the rifle as necessary.

Adjustable single-point sling is constructed of heavy-duty 1¼" nylon webbing and 1" elliptical elastic bungee cord for optimum performance and stealth. High-density bungee allows 4" of flex—just right for weapon agility in CQB maneuvers—and is covered with tough, weather-resistant compressed tubular nylon sheathing that prevents noise, limits bounce, and provides optimum retention. Strong, single-piece, quick attach/detach "mash" clip snaps securely to any single point sling adapter to keep your weapon within easy reach when you need it most.

Elastic sleeve slides over clip to prevent rattling against gun. Heavy duty tri-glide nylon buckle allows adjustment to permit wear over bulky tactical vests and gear on all body sizes. A 300-lb test nylon "quick ditch" buckle instantly opens the sling if you need to release your weapon quickly.